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Shubin V.I., Smotrytskyy Y.Y.


Philosophy of developing harmony of V.N. Sagatovsky
as a variant of anthropocosmic outlook

 The whole philosophical concept of  anthropocosmism is being developed by V.N. Sagatovsky during almost 50 years. This one is stated in such works as «Russian idea. Whether we will continue the interrupted way?» (1994), "The brief philosophy of  anthropocosmism" (2004) and mainly in the trilogy «Philosophy of developing harmony» (Spb., 1997-1999).

Third part of «Philosophy of developing harmony» is so concluded: “Conclusion: world-view for XXI century”. Author has clear announced about the aim of his efforts within mentioned “Conclusion”: “The main message of all three parts of book consisted in the attempt systemic and integral to present the philosophical basis of world-view which is capable to give answer to the challenge of modern epoch: Philosophy of developing harmony as foundation of anthropocosmic noosphere world-view”. The purpose can be welcomed only because incorrect answers to the basic world outlook question on the relation of the Person to the World under modern technological possibilities conduct to global accident.

The basic values of anthropocosmic outlook, according to V.N. Sagatovsky, the following.

First, orientation to parity, dialogue and cooperation between the Person and the World, that means on the self-creating harmony. Any guideline at a priority – cosmocentrismus, theocentrismus, anthropocentrismus, sociocentrismus, individuocentrismus – is absolutization of something one and is fraught with warps in civilization development. The system synthesis focusing on mutual-supplementary of the positive moments, which are contained in unilateral approaches, each of which is necessary, and all together are sufficient for development of new outlook, is necessary for development of world outlook strategy.


Secondly, the onto-anthropological principle focuses on understanding of getting root in the Universe, and basic idea of a picture of the World is the point about triunity of levels of being for any real: an objective reality or a matter, a subjective reality or ideal and a transcendental reality or a spiritual self-basis of being.

Thirdly, in the world the unity of determination, probability and creative (spontaneous) self-development at the just moment of occurrence of new quality (in a bifurcation point) takes place. It follows from this that any existence is fraught with chaos and order. And it means that in the world there are two base polar directions of changes: a) Becoming absolute unity (всеединство, vseedinstvo) (Vl. Solovyov), that is movement to such order which provides free unity of separate monads in an integrity universum (соборность, sobornost) and b) The situation when the egocentric aspiration of everyone existence takes place to become the imperious centre of the world that conducts to chaos, enmity, harm growth. The first direction in a science is designated as negentropical, and the second is named as entropical. From these points of view the developing harmony is unity of a measure in strategy of qualitative changes and freedom in tactics of this process and this unity of a measure is conducting to self-improvement of the whole.

Fourthly, the deepest characteristic of the person is its ability to make a choice, and the most fundamental choice of the Person is the choice between good and evil.Through the co-authorship with negentropical tendencies of being the person can improve the world, determines (доопределять) the being and chooses a way of becoming of socially-anthropological integrity.

Fifthly, anthropocosmism is also acceptance for the person a creative and determining cosmic function. Its realization assumes the transformation of a part of the world accessible to the Person in a noosphere which is not that other, as developing harmony, co- determining unity of a society, the person and the nature on the basis of a acceptance of self-value of these parties and building of them Whole. Creation of noosphere is a common cause voluntary uniting all its participants.


Sixthly, the modern challenge of being appears as the global problems which threatening by destruction for a planetary civilization. The world outlook basis which has generated them is the anthropocentrism with its opposition of the subject to object and the aggressive relation to the nature. The decision of global problems on a anthropocosmic world outlook basis presupposes:

a)     Exception of orientation to a maximum in material sphere;

b)    The main revolution should occur in spirit sphere because orientation to a maximum of the power, profits, arms and prestigious pleasures blocks the decision of any of global problems;

c)     In education we should lay the foundation of valuables corresponding to a human image, otherwise free and creative development of everyone within the limits of a universal world outlook paradigm of  anthropocosmism and developing harmony is impossible;

d)    As a whole, the working out of the strategic project of minimization of possibilities of alienation and influence of destructive forces in all spheres of human life is required.


It is possible to allocate three features of the philosophical doctrine of V.N. Sagatovskogo. First, it system-complete character and faultless logicality. The understanding of philosophy is deduced from the outlook concept, from ontology is deduced anthropology; all three parts are interconnected and mutual cause each other. Secondly, the philosophy of developing harmony is hope philosophy. Thirdly, his variant of anthropocosmism is developed on the basis of powerful intellectual domestic and West European tradition; therefore key positions of the author are thought over so carefully.


The First International Seminar on Biocosmology.
July 22-25, 2010
Abstract Book
Novgorod State University after Yaroslav-the-Wise







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